Welcome to Vation Ltd, Marketing Solutions

Based in the dense coastal rainforests of NZ’s South Island we have been operating covertly since 2003 on a wide variety of projects across many industries.

We provide solutions for businesses and organisations in tourism, retail, art, agriculture, education, regional & community development.

Over time we have created a network of experienced and professional marketing, advertising, design and education specialists that produce results for our clients.

These results are proven by the awards our clients win, the increase in their staff and client satisfaction but most importantly.. their increase in quality sales and uptake on products!

When Vation Ltd manages your projects we put together the highest calibre team for your specific needs. We work on short and long term contracts and our services are customised and scalable to the requirements of your project.

“It’s about trying to hit that continually moving target, we have to be dynamic and shapeshift accordingly, and do so ahead of the pack.”

Vation Ltd Managing Director Zane Smith

If you want to know more about our style, systems and results then get in touch with us, we’re happy to put you in touch with some of our clients so you can learn directly from them.


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